More than ever, those who dare to be different – those who dare to put their creativity on display and show their distinctive take on the world – need strong and outspoken support. Donate

The children, teens, and adults who express themselves through physicality and humor every day at the Gym are brave. The vulnerability they show when learning new skills and perfecting their timing creates an environment that breeds lifelong friendships. At the Gym people learn to trust and be trusted. Together, our students experiment with the teamwork, discipline, and imagination they need to go out and change their worlds.

There are many worthy causes to support, but given that you’ve already shown an understanding of what the Gym means to kids in Evanston and north Chicagoland, we hope you’ll think of us. We want to keep inspiring and teaching students to be themselves, to be strong, to be balanced, and to fly. To do that, we need your support.

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Our breath-taking event entertainment for corporate and community events supports our mission by raising the profile of Chicago’s circus community and introducing people to this vital and exciting art form.
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Award-winning children’s classes create an outlet for children to express themselves through physicality and humor.

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Through creative arts partnerships, we bring circus skills to hundreds of public school students every year.

Thanks to all of our wonderful donors for their continued support!

These gifts were received Feb 1, 2017 – Feb 1, 2018, and had a significant impact by supporting program operations and community outreach.

Contortionists $2,500 to $4,999

Lee Nagan & Amy Davis
Anne & Don Phillips

Aerialists: $1000 to $2499

Tarik Alim & Shani Francis
Richard Arbizzani
Barbara & Keith Clayton

Tarik Alim & Shani Francis
Richard Arbizzani
Barbara & Keith Clayton

Bandleaders: $500 to $999

Donnalee & Conrad Floeter
Larry Ginsburg
David Hellman & Paula Steiner
Paul Kass

Christine Mayer & Rob Coons
Steve Mayer & Ariel Orlov
Don Monroe & Peg Monroe
Ellen Sack

Rosalyn Schultz & Henry Ettman Patricia Arrington Smythe Susie Stephenson Nancy & Michael Timmers

Acrobats: $250 to $499

The Aaronson and Sinai Household
Trudi Arrington
Jeri & David Baran
Leigh & Henry Bienen
James Breen
William Breen
David & Kerry Catlin
Kendra Cunningham & Rich Kasper
Patrick Fahy & Pam Lowe
Eleanor Goerss

Samantha Gordon & David Gordon
Kristin & Brett Gover
The Greenberg Winnick Family
The Gross Family
William Hinchliff
Ginny Holbert & Christopher Allen
Suzanne & Daniel Kanter
Robert & Rebecca Maganuco
Janice Nadler & J. D. Trout
Jan Petry

Kelly & Don Roberts
Kimberly & Drew Scott
Chantal & Bill Shapiro
Topher Soltys
The Thurber Household
Fred & Julie Tye
Yolanda Vanderlaan & Robert
Bonnie & John Vasilion
Timothy & Jacqueline Verrilli

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The Stars of the Center Ring Giving Society

The Actors Gymnasium would like to give special recognition to the following donors for demonstrating an extraordinary lifelong commitment to financially supporting The Actors Gymnasium’s programs for giving over $5,000 throughout their lifetime of giving.
Joyce & Bruce Chelberg
Jennifer & Adam Lasik
Richard A. Ditton
Elizabeth Beidler Tisdahl Foundation
The Vincent Family
Linda Karn
Dean Evans
Laura E. Tilly & Derek Cottier

If you or your organization are interested in supporting The Actors Gymnasium’s innovative programming, please contact Murphy at

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